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ST. BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX: Bernard the industrious, was a soul of vision and insight into the astronomical machinations, of the starry velvet sky-dome. After long and arduous study, he had reached a point, through such inquiry, where the stars themselves could be heard within his inner being; as though they were a multifold choir, resounding and permeating the streams of life that flowed on down to Earth.

His holy rapture seized him, and many a time would he give over to these choral arrangements, from the Heavenly bodies that inspired him so.

Dedication to any one particular study, will in good time, reveal the mysteries of the spirit, in any one such area of inquiry. Nature is shy, and greets man as the virgin approaching from afar. Here is the maiden in the field; and the image of marble who is yet to be imbued with life, from one kiss of a wanting prince.

We must pursue that which we love and long for intensely. The pursuit may take one into twine, bramble and thorn. But once reached, that one kiss and intimate encounter, will awaken and return the spirit of that which we seek so fervently. This is the magic held and captured in life and living, the one stipulation that stands in the way, of the necessary striving and encounters that fill the main part of the story.

Dedication to a particular study must not falter, if one is to be true to the love of that study, they must have courage when failure besets them and efforts appear dashed, in the very trying. So many are too easily dissuaded from entering into any crusade, any adventure; unsure of themselves, uncertain of outcome; long-term vision is deflected by the mirror of doubt.

And to overcome such hindrances to any quest, such as doubt, fear, or the very dragons of our lower nature, we must have a faith, a faith pure and strong, to carry us on, to the very horizon of our visionary pursuits.

Faith is all important to any task attempted. Some would have it, that faith is of its own an indication as to the individual holding no real knowledge, and therefore the faith itself has no real basis in reality. But it is quite otherwise. For in order to perceive any given reality, one must have the key: the key being the faith, in the first instance. Faith is when the soul of man is telling him of what it knows, that the man may discover it for himself. That the truth might unfold before him - and as a total being he may witness and behold this reality that the soul whispers, in hope of discovering.

Faith assists Man with the courage required, to go forth into the world and encounter all that travails. Faith is the sword of the spirit, that deflects the unwanted obstacles that arise on the path, in deterrence of grand pursuit. Faith is the cup of sustenance, that imbues the spirit with the light of fulfilment and strength of determination.

Every man is in pursuit of an inner quest, and if waylaid for a period, an episode of one or one hundred years, the sleeping princess of the spirit, shall still await; until such time when the beloved comes to claim her.