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We invite the untamable into our lives,

This one pervading element:

the Will of God Himself,

By which all being is meshed and mingled

and quickened into activity,

Driving the pulse afore creativity,

Animating with cohesion.

Enlivening with an incomprehensible power

Which moves with Wisdom,

Impels with determination

out from and into the Heavenly Order.

Arise! Hearken to this Spirit of Exaggeration,

From which futures unfurl with courage.

And as the grass leaps the earth

It is so urged and made confident

By the forthrightness and action

Of the Life as brought

By this, our Holy Spirit.


By Christ we are reserved,

As Life spills life,

He sets the curbs

and maintains the freedoms also.

By Christ the fires are tempered, warm,

and we are contained in His Body

and by His Will

Through which the Holy Spirit conforms

In Love which obliges such Goodness.