Here in this World, belonging to us, are many marvels to be regarded. This physical existence is of Man, and of all his relations. This World, and the very love of it, is crucial to Man, and, inseparable. Christ is central to this World.

Amongst many fantastic and queer universal beings there is much wisdom streaming in from all manner of diverse conditions and sources. Right here, however, are such wisdoms as offered to Man, which are divinely practical - and essential to his wellbeing as a Man - and these are given by advanced men who we term the ELDER BROTHERS. Our Elder Brothers are incarnate, but also empowered to move about the many unseen places.

They may mix with deva or Angel, spirit-guide or stellar-being, Apostle and Saint, group-spirit or animal god. They can perceive and caution us of the astral wraiths and unwholesome demons, false-gods and false persuaders. They have affinities with all of our history and it is by their advance that we may move ahead, for they are the men of the Future.

"Me, Myself and I, A Cosmic Biography"

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Where there has been a sincere inquiry they have promised an answer.

They are available to all men, although not made obviously apparent. Some instruction of theirs is presented here, - work which was received telepathically.

We conjoin with those elements in the historical streams of Christianity, Spiritual Science and other Mystery Wisdoms.

If you may awaken for time enough to make a start on these works offered, we hope and pray that they are made valuable to your soul, who infills by such issue.

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Note: Students of Anthroposophy, Theosophy, Agni Yoga, Christian Esotericism, Rosicrucian Mystery Wisdom will find their previous studies enriched greatly with this group of current teachings. Please feel welcome to introduce yourself.

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