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Firsthand Experience
copyright 1990

THE SENSES and their perceptions are in constant fluctuation, ever shifting in response to a world that cannot be comprehended nor interpreted in full. Each flash from nerve to vital body is a corruption of responses, and certainty is ascertained from a suspension of time. An interval of perceptive assimilation that corresponds, correlates and capitulates the given information.

Many maintain that they believe in only that which they can directly experience. When consideration is given to the statement above, one must question experience itself as a mode of worldly understanding and interpretation. Surely there comes a sense of deja vu when the observant individual has consciously realized the lapse of time from one heartbeat to another.

Point in fact, is the selective interpretation that must ensure sanity within the individual who cannot begin to encompass the activity of life around the consciousness, the whorl surrounding the soul. Imagine the screech of the plant bursting forth bud; and the heave from the ground, the perception of the very planet moving underneath; and the Cosmic radiation blasting in heaving breath through and without. All the activity, birth and death of the perpetual moment, cannot be comprehended, even in part, by the obstinate consciousness that maintains adamantly that it is the decipher to the universe alone. Oh happy delirium!

And so we look to those who may describe some of the marvels to be explored, would that we had capabilities to enter the vision into the real world.

Consideration for all species, with affectionate interest, is a healthy beginning to science, even science of the extreme; to some, the implausible.

Firsthand experience is not desirable for every detail of the adventure.

We may translate.