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THE connection between man and beast has been touched upon slightly, but what of man and the higher beings? As in the instance before, it is true to say that man could once openly converse with the higher beings, and that the compatibility betwixt soul-life was such that the door to the higher worlds, whilst on Earth, was always open. Thus, the humble shepherd, may have had the sheep grazing on the hillside, whilst he in communion with the heavenly spirits, could have entertained a sonnet on pipe-whistle or bone-lyre. This would be commonplace from that hilltop to house of reverence, from waking to sleep.

Once more this condition - not so easily established today in ordinary circumstances - will again become the way of future existence. The aloneness that is so upsetting to the being of man, and all creatures above and below, shall be overcome in the natural sense-experience; as was and is intended to be.

In many respects it is a far easier course to dwell in the company of Angels than live with oneself. This condition is the kingdom of Faerie (for want of a better word) conversing day and night, with those that dwell in the Heavenly spheres. Complete persuasion is the consequence, for who can argue with a divine being? If man was to accord himself, for himself, and mark out his place and identity within the universal home, how then could he summon out of his substance such a claimed identity, when distracted and persuaded by influences and natures so powerfully alluring, and colourful, to that of his own? Sameness leads to sameness.

And with all the wonders to draw from, man has the right and ability, assistance and will, to discover in the course of time and experience, that which he chooses to draw from the worlds and take into himself, for his own. It is similar to a birthday, where on the one hand one may be encumbered with too many parcels to hold, all well intended; but some decidedly a burden to house. Or on the other hand one is led to a room filled, and asked to choose - choose anything required or wished for! Herein are the endless possibilities given to Man, as he stands on the threshold aghast and bewildered!

(Perhaps we should supply trailers, to carry the load home!)