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MIRRORS WERE ONCE REGARDED as a contemptible evil to be shunned, lest the devil himself would bewitch he who would face his reflection. A pool of water was superstitiously regarded a threat; and there is truth to say that a mirror does portray the picture back to front - thereby a false representation. If one was offered a mirror in which to view the soul; would they willingly, nay, eagerly, take a look in it?
Curious to say that reflections are the term for consideration, deep thinking - I shall reflect upon it, and so forth - which implies that within the thinking process Man receives a mirror image of thought which he tries to hold and perceive.

When an animal goes to the water hole to drink, does he perceive the character in the pond as himself? When a babe views herself in the mirror, does she reckon that those eyes are her own?

Take this a step further - when you look into the eyes of your brother, can you find yourself? Do not be alarmed if this concept shocks you; at the very least it is a most useful exercise to try!

And when after death, the soul is removed and can view the brief enactment; such horror is deep-felt, that this fellow was himself! Watching his life's story, this stranger caught in time; making the tea, fighting the wars, cheering and grieving; all of this relived. Many find no connection with the individual they are privy to observe; and when the drama has run its course and concludes, the impressions that last are few. The sum of a life still has little conscious recognition of having been one and the same with that stranger.

Now, look at your brother with humility and love, with this lesson above retained. Few who enjoy dramas wish to partake in actuality; few who proclaim they seek Truth are earnest in such courageous endeavor.